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First-semester students

Welcome to University of Applied Sciences Hochschule Emden-Leer!  Now your studies begin, an exciting time that brings many changes. Our bottle opener will hopefully serve as an opener for many convivial evenings. Studying can also be an opener into an exciting and challenging future that you can now shape for yourself.

We can promise you one thing: East Frisia is an exciting region worth living in. There is so much to discover in Emden – culturally, scientifically, economically and in your leisure time. Just as you are setting out with your field of study, Emden is on its way to a new future as well – full of innovations and challenges. To manage this, we need people who tackle and who get involved: people like you.

As Zukunft Emden GmbH, we attach great importance to creating an environment in which you can develop during and after your studies. What matters to us is that you wish to stay in the region – whether you want to do an internship related to your studies, your thesis in a company or even in the form of a later job. The contacts you make now will often open doors for your career afterwards.

We would like to assist you with this. Take a look at our pages – whether support for founders and start-ups, plenty of networks and contact offers or even specialist initiatives: we have a great deal to offer.


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