The performance of a region depends on the innovative capability and creativity of its companies. The competitiveness of companies, in turn, depends on qualified specialists and management.

However, due to the demographic change in society, the competition for qualified employees will become ever sharper in the coming years.

The current specialist initiative “Ems Axis: Job Motor Northwest” is made up of the various target groups “Students”, “Students & Trainees”, “Attracting foreign skilled workers”, “Family-friendly Ems axis” and “Welcome Centre Ems axis” funded by the European Social Fund. Each project group deals with one of the target groups in order to develop tailor-made offers and to use as much potential as possible. Another focal point is the development of an advanced training-axis Ems with the aim of better linking the needs of companies with the training providers. The area of social media is also included across all areas in order to better reach and inform the respective target groups.

Specialist service centre Emden

Seven specialist service centres in the growth region Ems-Achse take care of the concerns and affairs of the potential specialists including their partners and children.

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