Company Succession

Are you looking for a successor for your company? Or maybe you are planning to take over a company? We will be happy to assist.

Surely you have many questions, ideas and perhaps also concerns. You are not alone. Around 230,000 medium-sized companies in Germany are looking for a successor. It is recommendable to organise the transfer early: the better you are prepared for the transfer, the greater the chance that it will succeed.

It involves tremendous challenges to take on this task. Typical questions are: When is the right time for the transfer? Who is suitable as a successor at all? What is the company worth? And how do you even find a successor?

We are here to assist you: We support you and provide you with information – for example about the company succession exchange, where you can actively seek a successor:

We’ll provide support as well if you think about taking over a business. It does not always have to be a new enterprise, there can be many benefits to join an existing business.


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